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One of the Requirements for Naturalization in the UK

Everyone is allowed to change their citizenships as long as they can meet all of the requirements; as for the requirements, each of the countries in the world has its own requirements http://britishlifeskills.com, so does the United Kingdom. For those who want to become new UK citizenships, they are required to be able to speak English in a certain level which is the B1 level. Thus, passing the B1 English test is one of the requirements. You can go to http://britishlifeskills.com to know more about the B1 English test. There are still several other requirements and one of them is as follows:

– Staying in the UK

To become a naturalised citizen, you generally have to live in the UK countries which are England, Northern Ireland and Scotland for at least five years before filing an application for naturalisation. To stay in the UK, you must have a visa. Visas are available in several types and some types of visa that allows you to stay in the UK is a work visa, student visa, visa granted to a family member or spouse, retiree visa, or visit visa.