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What to think about when buying a high rise property

As we all know, it is not easy to make the decision for a condo purchase although Artra Singapore is now available for those who want to have a modern housing in Singapore. Most of the condos are in the strategic location, but no one can guarantee that you will like to live in your own condo for a long time. There are some factors you would like to consider well even before signing the purchase contract. Well, let’s say that you like the way the real estate agent tells the details of some condo projects. Aside from that, you have reviewed the developer of each condo project. Somehow, it is not enough.

Think about insurance coverage! Generally, the building is usually insured by the management. In some cases, it doesn’t cover the insurance for home contents, so this is something you will get on your own. Even though you will take its responsibility, at least you know what to do for the whole protection to your property and its belonging. Don’t forget to ask what would happen if your neighbor had a fire and impacted your unit or if you need repairs after the accident. Understanding what cover does and doesn’t include is vital due to diligence. For the details, check with the management and insurer.

More and more people say that condo means better security when compared to conventional homes. It is right when you say that most of the condos have their own security system. Somehow, you have to check if the environment is safe for you and your family, and even for your stuff inside the condo. Are the security restrictions high? Do guards do patrolling? It is okay to ask such these questions for sure that you will have a high security level. Having a condo on the higher floor may seem like a great option since it can prevent someone breaking into your unit.