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Various Fishing Techniques

If you are a person who likes fishing, you’ll need a http://www.mybestbuypro.com/fishing-cart/ that you can use to bring your fishing gear, you can even use it as a seat. Many fishing techniques that can be used in fishing. but in fishing must know what fish will be catch and what fishing techniques that are suitable for fishing them. Here are various techniques in fishing:

– Bottom Fishing, fish usually obtained are Red Snapper, Kuwe, Grouper, and several other bottom fish. Sometimes Mackerel and Barracuda can also be fished in this way. This means that techniques need high when attracting fish to the surface for bottom fish tend to pull your fishing line to be the base again.

– Live Bait, is a unique way, by using a live bait such as trevally, bloating, even baby barracuda. Live bait allowed to swim away from the ship, to the most accurate location, while waiting for predatory fish, such as mackerel and Barracuda grabbed the earlier live bait. Sometimes also used balloons, which allows the fish do not swim to the bottom so that the fish are always on the surface (1-2m from surface)

– Trolling, with artificial lures Rapala such as king getter, spoon, etc. pulled by a boat with a speed of 5-7 knots. Distance feed from the ship around 20-50m depending on the bait.

– Casting, usually done from the edge of the sea, a case of the pier, rocks, or even on a ship that was the stop / start slowly. Decoys are used usually counterfeit, weighing about 7-20gram. The trick is the bait thrown as far as possible, then reel rolled quickly. And this is done repeatedly until the fish grabbed or until your hands are tired.

– Jigging-Popping, this technique is usually used for fishing large fish sea inhabitants such as marlin. This way is by swinging the artificial bait, and reel with a quick roll up, then stop and roll it again. All are intended to make the artificial bait resemble natural bait fish, so the fish would strike.