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Spend your Saturday night here!

In addition to having an attractive Mayor, City of South Tangerang also have various things that you can explore. As well as the city of students, South Tangerang also has a variety of worthy places to hang and to eat for you. You can also visit http://www.tangselone.com to know the latest information about South Tangerang.

For those of you who want to spend a Saturday night with your best friend or a loved one, you can visit some of the places to eat in South Tangerang. One is Roti Bakar 88. Who does not know about this place? Having a cool place to hang out while enjoying snacks such as roasted bread and banana, pancakes, burgers and fresh drinks at an affordable price. Roti Bakar 88 which has its own typical bread concoction, unlike other businesses that use regular white bread. But it is true, thanks to the original bakery, customers continued to arrive even more crowded from time to time.