Be grateful!

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On the face of it, thank you seems like such a simple expression – in fact those two small words combine to create one of the most effective and purposeful phrases in the English language. I’ve always thought that saying thank you can open the doors of opportunity, develop relationships and create both donor and recipient feel great.

I do not pretend to be perfect, or ‘holier than thou’ but I do try to say thank you if someone helps me or treats me nicely. Consider the man who held a door open for you now, provided advice or a recommendation or greeted you with a grin and packed your groceries for you in the supermarket. I love to pay it forward and I try to say thank you for others for those kindnesses. The thank you habit was drilled into me by my parents and it is one habit that I am proud to be passing to the next generation also. I know I am not the only person who’s offended when people around me forget this simple courtesy.

Needless to say, there are lots of methods of expressing gratitude. But we could also show our appreciation through Centurian our activities – lending a hand or assisting others is equally appreciated. Time appears to be such a rare commodity for so many people these days – nobody appears to have enough of it! So what could be nicer than to provide a little bit of your time. In my experience, it will become a very mutual arrangement – a virtual circle of admiration which makes everyone feel great and valued.

I’m thankful for all my blessings, the most important of which are my loved ones and friends, my religion, my community and my health. They are my stones. I know I can trust them implicitly, and whenever I want their support, they’ll be right there to assist me without question or conclusion. Collectively, they’ve shaped me into the person I am now! I thank God for blessing me with such a superb family. A thank you can make somebody’s day, forgetting one leaves a feeling also. Which impression would you like to leave behind?

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